Posted on Mar 15, 2020

🥇JR Copier Lease Sales Service

How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Copier?

For many small businesses the most important question they need answered is, "How much does a copier lease cost?". While typical monthly rates for a photocopy machine lease are around $150-$500, there is no cookie-cutter answer for all businesses due to the many different needs and options available. Here are some of the factors affecting the cost of a copier lease.

Type of Copier - Black and white vs. a color copier, multi-function, printer-copier combo, fax capabilities...
Copier Speed - High speed copiers cost significantly more than low speed machines.
Lease Terms - The longer you lease, the lower your monthly payments will be. You can also lower your overall cost by putting down money up front.
Service Agreements - If your lease agreement includes all maintenance and repairs it will result in higher monthly fees, but it could end up saving you a ton of money if you end up having issues with your copier and you need to repair it.
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